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The Digital IQ assessment is based on our research framework – “The 21st Century Organization.” Our research has shown that we have sleepwalked into the 21st Century with 20th Century organizations, with outdated business models, organization structures, talent, strategies, leadership styles and infrastructures. The imperative is to reinvent all aspects of an organization to be fit for purpose in the 21st century. We must shed rigid structures and boundaries, slow and inflexible development processes, technology focused on process, the wrong skills, workplaces that suppress rather than unleash talent, economics and mind sets that inhibit new business models, weak and disconnected R&D functions, and outdated assumptions about global macroeconomics. We need to reimagine and reinvent our businesses/ government agencies to win in the 21st century. We identified six aspects of an organization that are needed to win.

There are approximately six questions around each of the six areas, totalling 36 questions. Each question is scored 1-5 for capability.  The meanings of scores 1-5 are relatively clear, and defined on the following pages. As with all assessments, there is a need to quickly approximate your answers, to be ‘really clear and nearly right’ In order to get through this very broad assessment in a manageable amount of time.

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